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ReCollections by Charles & Kathryn

Memories from days gone by, now re-collected and recorded for future generations. Join us for brief, intentional conversations that dig deep into the histories and events that made us who we are today.


  • 001: Introductions & 2022 Recap

    Published: 12/31/2022

    Welcome to the ReCollections podcast with Charles & Kathryn! We're using this end-of-year opportunity to launch our brief, intentional show that will take us down memory lane on a regular basis. 2022 was both a hard and wonderful year for our family - we hope you enjoy this episode and stick around for more in the future!

    Listen / Download (16:30, 26 MB)

  • 002: How We Met

    Published: 3/17/2023

    This recording landed on the ten-year mark of us meeting one another for the first time! We talk through seasons and memories from the earliest days of our relationship, from humble beginnings at a small church to dinners at Kathryn's home just outside Springfield, Missouri.

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